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Eternity’s Sunrise

This inspiring documentary of the American visionary and author Joseph Chilton Pearce is a powerful solution for a world in conflict.

With dramatic brush stokes, this film paints a picture of our ancestors that is beyond our current beliefs. Revealing ancient wisdom from older cultures, this film uncovers our lost inheritance. Beyond boundaries and above control – this is a journey to transform the very behaviours that are destroying life on earth. Eternity’s Sunrise presents a future without limitations.

Presenting an amazing new paradigm of how to educate and hone the brilliance of children. Eternity’s Sunrise succinctly shatters the myths of traditional education and challenges the very status quo that we take for granted. For over five decades, from Oxford to Harvard University, this wise sage has unravelled humanity’s core problems. In his final interview, at 90 years old, Joseph charismatically presents a movie to open our minds and awaken our heart.

Mapping man’s appetite for control, from the rise of Hitler to modern corporations, this is compelling story of humanities demise. Eternity’s Sunrise is a blueprint for radical change. This massive wake up call is nothing short of a revolutionary call to action.

Joseph Chilton Pearce changed the very zeitgeist of a generation.

Eternity’s Sunrise is a search for meaning in a world lost in greed.

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