Seeing the Magic

Meet the Team

Barnet Bain

Barnet Bain is a Canadian producer and film-maker. Select film credits include Milton’s Secret (director, writer), Oscar-winner What Dreams May Come (producer), Emmy-Award nominee, Outstanding TV Movie, Homeless to Harvard (executive producer), and The Celestine Prophecy (writer, producer). 

Barnet has an incomparable passion and excitement for inspirational storytelling. Whether it’s something that Barnet has penned himself or a collaboration with someone like Robin Williams, Barnet Bain delivers projects that have touched millions of people worldwide. 

Barnet’s decades of experience as a producer together with his proven track record in Hollywood, gives global wings to Highland Brave. 

Raven Dauda

Raven Dauda is a seasoned film, TV and stage actor. She has also written and produced Dora-award winning theatre productions. Even though Raven is best known for her ongoing role as the doctor in Star Trek Discovery and roles in international hits such as Bulletproof Monk and Murder at 1600, her natural progression has been into producing. This trajectory led her first to the theatre and now into feature films with Highland Brave. Raven’s commitment to this project has brought her twice to Scotland and she is ready to give everything needed to create success for Highland Brave. She is also contributing her acting talents to Highland Brave.

Decades of experience on film, TV and theatrical sets will be an asset to managing the production of this project.

Sophie Marsh

Sophie’s passion for film began as an usher in an art house cinema in her teens. She progressed to become the cinema’s manger and simultaneously enjoyed creating DIY short films and music videos for friend’s bands. Her career took a turn into the public sector where she manged large conservation projects for Scottish Natural Heritage involving multiple agencies and charities. Sophie’s background in project management has given her transferable skills that she channels into Seeing The Magic Productions. 

Sophie has worked with Stephen on many creative projects and is excited to be lynchpin for the production co-ordination of Highland Brave. 

Stephen Mulhearn

Award Winning writer/director Stephen Mulhearn crafts films that inspire hope and transformation in audiences. Stephen loves the collaborative process of working in a team of creatives with passion for taking ideas from infancy to maturity. His debut documentary feature Transcending The Storm won an ‘Impact DOCS International Award of Excellence’ for documentary filmmaking. His most recent documentary, Eternity’s Sunrise, won two awards and recently secured worldwide distribution through Gaia TV. Seeing the Magic Productions was always on a trajectory towards features films, and Highland Brave will be a debut first feature to be proud of. ‘I’ve never believed in luck. For me, luck equates to years of preparation and work meets opportunity’.