Seeing the Magic

Highland Brave

A gripping tale of a heroic Syrian arm-wrestler trying to outrun deportation, humiliation and his destiny. He has everything to lose his Scottish girlfriend, best friend, new home, his hopes and dreams. Back in Syria, he faces a past that could kill him. Can he win, against the odds? Will ...Read More

Eternity’s Sunrise

This inspiring documentary of the American visionary and author Joseph Chilton Pearce is a powerful solution for a world in conflict. With dramatic brush stokes, this film paints a picture of our ancestors that is beyond our current beliefs. Revealing ancient wisdom from older cultures, this film uncovers our lost ...Read More

Transcending the Storm

Filmmaker, Stephen Mulhearn, takes us on a personal journey of discovery following his near death in 1999. Trying to escape a violent and alcoholic past, he finds himself on the brink of death in a Glasgow hospital. As he leaves his body on the operating table, he encounters a spiritual ...Read More