Seeing the Magic

Seeing the Bigger Picture

As a director, I had the daunting task of creating visuals that would do this universal story justice. The cinematography had to be more filmic than classic documentary. I needed the misc-en-scene to be layered with meaning and beauty and it had to give the audience scope for personal interpretation.

I was really strict on what made the final cut. Every shot had to work hard and there was no room for just adequate. I joked with the Director of Photography, Alan C. McLaughlin that every shot in this film had to be a WOW shot! That was our benchmark which I feel we achieved. Of course as a director I had to let go of some shots. Life got in the way of some of our plans but my goodness the unplanned happenings were remarkable.

I have read horror stories of some productions being cursed…
Transcending the Storm was blessed. The way nature supported us; the ease by which the perfect people walked into our close-knit family was unbelievable. The generosity and sharing of the teachers and shamans will be with us all forever; and thankfully captured on film for future generations to draw wisdom from.

Peggy Dylan was the bridge to every teacher and shaman in this film. Her determination to keep this project authentic was at the heart of the film. On and off camera, she kept the focus on the film’s message.

Transcending the Storm had more than BAFTA award winning cinematographers who could catch a good shot. This film had a universal volition at the other side of the lens that invited us all to see, feel and film the magic of life.