Seeing the Magic

While Serang Gonpa Monastery itself survived the 2015 earthquake virtually intact, surrounding villages – including homes and schools – were badly damaged. Many lost their lives and children were orphaned. Child trafficking continues to be of huge concern in the area. Infant and maternal mortality remains high.

Nuptul Rinpoche has been so moved by the situation that he has offered to care for and provide schooling for children local to the monastery. His vision is to build a school at Serang Gonpa to educate and empower these children of the Himalayas and to provide a spiritual base and safe haven for them.

The Nepalese government is supporting the project by providing a teacher. The monastery though is responsible for all the children’s food and lodging. It is a big commitment for this small community of monks and nuns, whose own future is also financially threatened.

The children who have already arrived at the monastery are now studying in an existing schoolroom. A building of their own will soon be needed as new children, coming to be educated and cared for, are arriving all the time.