Seeing the Magic

Impact DOCS Award

In January 2016 Transcending The Storm won an Award of Excellence for a Documentary Feature from the Impact DOCS Award Ceremony in America.

Winning this award is a testament to the message of this film, which is the story of so many people in the world today. No matter what barriers we have before us, we need to find the courage and motivation to keep on and believe in our dreams.’ Director Stephen Mulhearn

Winning an Impact is something you and your entire team can be proud of!  Our judges base their decisions on the quality, creativity and technical aspects of each piece. The award appropriately reflects the endless hours you and your team have spent to create your outstanding production!  Congratulations on your achievement!

Impact DOCS Award Competition Director

The IMPACT DOCS Awards are unique in the industry. GFA competitions attract both powerhouse industry veterans (Weinstein Company, Disney, etc.) as well as talented new filmmakers. IMPACT DOCS is an exceptional, truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their documentaries in this prestigious competition. The IMPACT DOCS Awards are about helping industry professionals who create fresh; standout documentaries achieve the publicity and credibility they deserve.

Their mission is to support and promote filmmakers who are making a difference in the critical issues of our times through producing impactful documentaries and who are inspiring and entertaining audiences with their stories.