Seeing the Magic

2021 & Beyond

Everyone at Seeing the Magic Productions are over the moon about moving forward into the next stages of Highland Brave. There is a momentum building that we can all feel. It feels wonderful having the creative input of Barnet Bain in California, Raven Dauda in Canada and our very own Sophie Marsh here in bonny Scotland.

Highland Brave is a gripping tale of a heroic Syrian arm-wrestler trying to outrun deportation, humiliation and his destiny. He has everything to lose: his Scottish girlfriend, best friend, new home, his hopes and dreams. Back in Syria, he faces a past that could kill him. Can he win, against the odds? Will his own people accept his break with tradition? And is there a place for an illegal immigrant in post-Brexit Britain? A Scottish tale of Love, War and a Golden Haggis trophy.

We’ll keep you posted as our first feature film takes wings and we move from pre-production into production of this much-needed film in the world.